Specifications and technical data of grille BA-5

27 mm x 13 mm
(1 1/16” x 1/2”)
The blades of the BA-5 matting are grooved and made from aluminum alloy 6063-T5. The grooves ensure that it is slip resistant.
The blades are joined together by a flexible vinyl hinge which allows the matting to be rolled during maintenance. This same vinyl link protects floor finishes against scratches and ensures that the product makes no noise when people walk on it. Option # 1 is available on request to clip the vinyl link every 300 mm (12 in.) to allow water to drip into the drain when necessary.
Designed for a vestibule with medium traffic, it is very economical.

Technicals details

Friction coefficient
0.95 (dynamic and static)
Cleaning efficiency
45.00 %

Deflection under live load

Span : 610 mm (2'0")
810 mm (2'8")
120.00 NEWTON (Nm) ÷ 4,448 = IMP
75.00 NEWTON (Nm) ÷ 4,448 = IMP
Distortion under lateral load
- (VISUAL 1 TO 20)
Distortion under residual load
- mm
Plastic energetic deficiency
Salt fog
999.99 hrs (ASTM B117)
Percentage of opening
Alloy of alluminium
Vinyl durometer