Specifications and technical data of grille BV-3

35 mm x 3 mm x 38 mm
(1 5/16” x 1/8” x 1 1/2”)
Thickness of vinyl is 4,7 mm (3/16”)
The bars of the mat are in aluminum and are covered with a rectilinear vinyl inserted and locked into place at each extremity and also interchangeable.
Vinyl durometer 90.
Designed to combine form and fonction, this model is recommended in office complex, commercial, institutional and residential use.
Maintenance of grille is quick and easy.
Choice of colors: based on range of the manufacturer.

Technicals details

Friction coefficient
0.78 (dynamic and static)
Cleaning efficiency
40.00 %

Deflection under live load

Span : 610 mm (2'0")
810 mm (2'8")
999.99 NEWTON (Nm) ÷ 4,448 = IMP
999.99 NEWTON (Nm) ÷ 4,448 = IMP
Distortion under lateral load
8.00 (VISUAL 1 TO 20)
Distortion under residual load
19.50 mm
Plastic energetic deficiency
86.10 NEWTON (Nm)
Salt fog
999.99 hrs (ASTM B117)
Percentage of opening
Alloy of alluminium
Vinyl durometer

Vinyl Color Chart





Please note that the colors are provided for information purposes only, samples are available on request.